Gastonia, NC Pest Control

feeding mosquitoLocated next to the King Mountains with Crowder Mountain rising just inside of the city limits, Gastonia, North Carolina is surrounded by beauty. This city is a part of the metropolitan statistical area of Charlotte and enjoys lush greenery, warm temperatures, and terrific scenery. Many people have chosen Gastonia as the place to raise their families. Unfortunately, the climate and vegetation make the city an ideal habitat for a variety of different pests. The professional technicians at Superior Pest Management are available to help you with keeping your home pest-free so that you can enjoy the type of healthy, serene life that you desire.

Pest Control

Many people worry that the pest control methods and chemicals that are used will be dangerous to their pets and children. Superior Pest Management uses eco-friendly service methods that are not harmful to your family or your pets while ridding your home of pests. In most cases, people do not even need to worry about leaving their homes or businesses when they are treated. We are able to exterminate the pest populations that you currently have and to prevent those pests and others from coming back again.

Termite Control

Termites can be a huge problem for homes and businesses in Gastonia. These insects feed on wood fiber. Termites swarm, and their nests may contain thousands of individual insects that feed around the clock. If termites take up residence in your yard or home, they can cause substantial damage to your house's structure fairly rapidly. Termites can be seen flying in swarms in the springtime, and they leave behind mud tunnels on your foundation or walls. If you think you might have termites, it is very important that you get help fast. We are able to determine whether or not you have termites, identify any damage that they might have caused and eradicate them. We can then treat your yard so that termites do not return in the future, helping you to preserve your home.

Mosquito Control

The warm, humid climate in Gastonia offers an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. These tiny insects are highly annoying, and they also carry a variety of different blood-borne diseases. By treating your lawn and following up with regular mosquito control measures, we can help you to keep these insects away. Mosquito control in your yard can help you to enjoy socializing in your backyard again without the worry of being bitten by these pests.

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Superior Pest Management has been helping home and business owners to keep their residences and premises pest free since the early 2000s. We are dedicated to helping our customers to solve their pest problems so that they can derive greater enjoyment from their lives. Quality pest control services can help you and your family to be healthier and to enjoy your home. No matter what type of pest problem you might have, the expert technicians at Superior Pest Management are able to help. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about the pest solutions that we have available for you.