Pest Control in Matthews NC

Choosing a pest control company in Matthews can be challenging. We make it a simple choice. Our methods are low toxin When available and appropriate we use natural, non-toxic methods.Safety of people and pets comes first. Being lethal to pests of every kind is our priority. Call us first for all your pest control solutions. 

Realty Pest Control in Matthews, NC

We offer fast and effective Realty pest inspection and have Supra Key access in all of North and South Carolina. Safety and effectiveness as well as fast service is what we’re all about. Call Superior Pest Management for faster closings and inspections. We look for all the issues that would hold back an inspection such as water puddling, leaks, mold and fungus, and wood rot. 


Termite Control for Matthews buildings

Termites are responsible for more house damage than all natural disasters combined. If you see any of the below listed signs of termites or you haven’t had an inspection in a long time then call us, it’s time. Some termites can consume one foot every 157 days. That’s just a few months. Imagine the damage that can be done in a year or more. You may not see the evidence until the damage is too far gone. Call us for your termite control solutions today. 

Mosquito Control in Matthews

Mosquitos are both annoying and dangerous to your health. They carry many known diseases such as Zika, Dengue, and meningitis.  They can ruin your ability to enjoy your yard and your family and friends. We offer natural treatment options using plant oils and allow you to reenter your yard after only fifteen minutes. All vegetation must be treated in order to work effectively. We have your back. Call us for your mosquito control solutions today.