Protect Your Home & Yourself

Pests pose a serious threat to your home, as well as to your physical health and well being.

1. Termites damage property worth billions of dollars nationwide. It is found that the termites are more destructive than hurricanes and tornadoes.

2. Mosquitoes transmit diseases such as encephalitis and malaria, and cause skin infections and allergies to humans and dogs and cats.

3. Though ants do not cause any harmful disease, they build up a colony in wall voids, and behind doors and cupboards to swarm on your food source.

Here are some simple means to prevent the pests from building inside your home:

1. Keep food and drinks in sealed containers to prevent ants from invading inside your home

2. Remove old tires, buckets, and tin cans to stop mosquitoes from hatching

3. Vacuum the house regularly to stop the growth of fleas.

However, these methods do not offer a permanent solution for pest control.

To make your home 100% pest free, it is advisable to use Charlotte Pest Control Services. The Charlotte Pest Control Service providers offer superior pest management control services to remove the pests from your home. We make it completely safe forever for you and your family.

Charlotte Pest Control Service providers use advanced methods and technology to deal with pests.

1. To stop the ants from entering inside your home, the Superior Pest Management Service providers apply bait with residual insecticide to cracks and crevices.

2. The bait is carried back to the colony where is shared with the other ants, thus destroying the colony.

3. For mosquito control, Charlotte Pest Control Services apply granules and liquid insecticide to areas prone to mosquitoes.

4. We also make recommendations to help ease the populations around one’s property.

5. To control fleas, Charlotte Pest Control Service providers apply insecticide for flea control mixed with an insect growth regulator inside the interior as well as the exterior of your home.

As well as controlling mosquitoes, ants, and fleas, Charlotte pest control service providers are efficient in termite treatment too. The Charlotte termite treatment is an advanced treatment that uses TBS, Termidor SC, and other termite prevention liquids to treat termite wood and premises.

To take advantage of Charlotte Pest Control Services, you may log on to The website offers superior pest management services for residential and commercial set ups. Further, we guarantee children and pet friendly pest control services and a pet free home.

To know more details about the Charlotte Pest Control Services offered, or Charlotte termite treatment, or to get your real estate pest inspection, please visit the website.