Real Estate Inspections

Buying real estate, whether residential or commercial, is usually considered to be the biggest financial investment. One spends a huge amount of money to build a small and secure nest for his family, or an office or factory to give practical shape to his entrepreneurial vision and aspirations. It is therefore advisable to go for real estate pest inspection before buying any residential or commercial property.

However, before we introduce you to the advantages of using real estate pest inspection services, please be aware of the harm that pests can cause you and your property:

1. Rats, mice, rodents, fleas, cockroaches, bees, spiders, termites, and other pests pose potential risk to the property.

2. Of all the pests, termites cause major structural damage. Floors, doors, windows, skirting boards, and furnishings are destroyed slowly and permanently by termites and need to be taken out or ripped apart completely.

3. Commercial real estate is at greater risk as there are expensive machinery and office furniture and fixtures that are made non-functional and worthless for the property owner by termites.

4. Quite often the termite growth goes unnoticed and ultimately decreases the value of the commercial and residential real estate.

5. The owner has no option, but to sell his property at lower rates due to the termite damage.

6. Cockroaches and rodents secrete harmful allergens that often cause severe skin allergies, food contamination and poisoning, and breathing disorders.

7. The effects can be fatal for those suffering from asthma or any sort of lung disorder.

Real estate pest inspection ensures that the property is safe and secure from pest invasion and growth. The professionals who perform the real estate pest inspection use the latest specialized tools and equipment to figure out the potential risk to the property by the pests. Usually, termites and other pests can not be identified by the naked eye. But, the real estate inspection companies pick them up right at the initial stage and prevent them from growing further.

The cost of the real estate inspection depends on the damage that has already been caused by the pests. If there are fleas and cockroaches, the pest control inspection and control professionals will not charge more as they will be using chemicals to eradicate them., If there are termites, one must be prepared to shell out a good amount of money.

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