Effective Steps for Rodent Control

Rodents are recognized as carriers of several harmful diseases and health risks. Some of the deadly diseases that are caused by the rodents are Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Leptospirosis, and plague. These diseases result in serious lung and kidney damage. They can be caused by bites or by direct contact with the rats/mice, or by using the utensils that have been infected by their urine or excrement or saliva.

It is therefore essential to adopt effective rodent control methods. Clear rats and mice from your house and surroundings to protect your home and family.

The first essential step for rodent control is to seal up your home. Rats and mice easily get inside a home through small vents and holes. So you must seal all the cracks and weatherproof all the doors and windows in your home. It will help prevent these dangerous creatures from entering inside your home.

The second useful step is to trap the rats and mice. There are a variety of methods that help catch the rodents. You may buy an electronic mouse trap from the market or make a live catching mice trap on your own.

Get a small transparent box with an opening on its top. Put bait inside it like a cheese slice or a bread slice baited with peanut butter. As soon as the rat gets inside it, close the box and take it to a far off place where you can release it. This method is safe for you, as well as for rats and mice.

You may buy rodent control products available in the market, but most of these contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for the human beings.

One of the best methods to control rodents is to hire a rodent control specialist. A rodent control specialist is a professional with expertise and years of experience in rodent control. Depending on the size of your property and severity of the problem, he will develop an effective plan to remove the rodents from your property.

Rodent control specialists of repute have access to professional equipment and products in order to help you get rid of rodents quickly and safely. They use child and pet friendly techniques and procedures to ensure safety of your children and pets.

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